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My product is Oakley Sunglasses is made from black iridium material. And it’s a High Definition Combines Patented optics and PLUTONITE lens material provides 100% UV Filtering and unsurpassed impact protection. Oakley A Frame Lens Clear - 06Replacement lenses are made of optically pure Lexan or premium Plutonite lens material, an innovation that blocks 100% of all UV radiation. Oakley engineering makes lens replacement simple, yet maximizes impact. These exclusive glasses were not easy to make. And in fact were some what difficult to see through. The journey to modern day sunglasses has been a long process, with trial and error these very well known and popular sunglasses have been around for about thirty years. OAKLEY sunglasses are a staple in many people’s glove boxes and home. OAKLEY sunglasses have evolved over the years. 

OAKLEY sunglasses, as they are strong and resistant for humidity, these original sunglasses were an instant with both athletes and Consumers. OAKLEY sunglasses have two types of tinge. This type offers the users flexible yet durable tinge. Many athletes prefer these types of tinge. And feels it is a personal choice on which to choose. OAKLEY sunglasses has begun to use another durable material titanium in their products, is very light weight material and it is Comfortable and flexible. A true trend setter in the sunglasses industry is the OAKLEY sunglasses the original eyeshades, as they were called, were made from further, and to create a line of sports eyewear.